Consulting Company

R.D. Don Deaver is a Licensed Professional Engineer with over 49 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.  Don graduated from Texas A&M University in 1964, with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. 


In 1997, Don created Deatech Consulting Company, in order to provide expert witness and consulting services in the areas of pipeline and piping operations and maintenance, fluid measurement, pipeline and piping design and construction, leakage testing and analysis, pipeline inspection pigging, mechanical damage assessment, integrity analyses and management, pipeline and piping welding, metallurgy, nondestructive testing, valving, corrosion control, pigging, pressure testing, fracture control, failure analyses, pipeline and piping repairs, statistical data analyses, stress analyses, ethylene decomposition, accident investigation, fire exposure, workplace safety and regulatory compliance.


Don has provided expert witness testimony and consulting services in cases involving some of the largest and most catastrophic gas pipeline explosions in the United States, including the Pacific Gas & Electric rupture in San Bruno, California; the El Paso Natural Gas rupture and explosion in Carlsbad, New Mexico; the Olympic Pipeline rupture and fire in Bellingham, Washington; the Enterprise Gas rupture and fire in Johnson County, Texas; and the Explorer Pipeline rupture in North Texas.

Don also sits on numerous boards and committees relating to pipeline safety, and has authored a number of publications on pipeline safety and operations.  Links to a number of these publications are listed below.

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